Your Partner in Workplace Solutions

EAP Resources can assist organizations by evaluating problematic behaviors and developing a plan of corrective action to help the employee return to work as a productive, contributing member of the team. Counselors help the employee learn more effective coping styles, problem solving skills and how to get along with coworkers. When necessary, referrals are made for more intensive therapies for treatment of conditions such as depression, anxiety, grief, and substance abuse.

Our counselors understand workplace issues and stressors such as:

  • Shift Work
  • Staffing Problems
  • Downsizing
  • Work Restructuring
  • Production Line Pressures
  • Overtime
  • Travel
  • Isolation from Families and Loved Ones

Whether industrial or corporate, EAP Resources partners with your management team, human resource professionals, safety officers, risk managers, education and training specialists to address a number of workplace behaviors or issues that may be related to employee stress or other personal concerns. We work with your company to help find solutions to workplace problems. EAP Resources provides:

Early intervention and support can often salvage a troubled worker. Troubled employees can be costly to a company's bottom line due to on-the-job injuries, absenteeism, turnover, reduced productivity, costs associated with replacing a skilled worker, and inappropriate use of medical resources. See Financial Advantages of EAP Resources