When to Refer

Managers and supervisors can refer employees for assistance who have demonstrated a decline in work performance or productivity, exhibited disruptive conduct, are suspected of substance abuse or have violated company policies in other ways.

Signs That an Employee May Need EAP Referral:

  • Positive drug screen
  • Increased mistakes, errors
  • Declined work performance and/or poor judgment
  • Accidents
  • Change in appearance and/or behavior
  • Increased absences / Tardiness
  • Argumentative, irritability with coworkers or supervisors

How to make a management or supervisory referral:

  1. Identify problematic behavior.
  2. Document problematic behavior.
  3. Consult with employee regarding problematic behavior in accordance with company policies.
  4. If problematic behavior persists, the supervisor may suggest a Self- Referral or a Manager Referral
  5. Manager Referral - In this event the supervisor should be prepared to provide the EAP counselor with details of the employee situation prompting the referral. The counselor will request that the employee sign a consent form authorizing communication between the counselor and the referring company representative.

*Confidentiality requires consent before the counselor can confirm that the employee followed through with the appointment. The release of information only applies to compliance and treatment recommendations. Personal information shared during the counseling session is not shared with the supervisor unless the employee has directed a threat of harm toward a specific individual or one's self.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact EAP Resources (866-484-4327). We can help HR professionals and supervisors develop a corrective action plan.