Advantages of EAP Resources

Because every organization is unique, EAP Resources employs a “build-to-suit” approach.  We are committed to providing the right combination of services to help each organization stay on top of workforce issues that can adversely impact organizational performance.

Here are some other key advantages of EAP Resources:

  • Cultivates a highly interactive relationship with client companies
  • Conducts orientation with management and employees
  • Provides supervisory trainings to help managers deal with employee issues and understand when to refer employees to the EAP
  • Makes on-site visits in an emergency to help manage crisis situations/traumatic events.
  • Coordinates with other benefits inside your organization, like wellness programs, to increase participation.
  • Participates in company events, benefit fairs, lunch and learns
  • Maintains visibility and frequent contact with client companies
  • Provides other support services such as newsletters and work life programs
  • Provides management regular reports on the number of employees using the EAP and the types of issues they are asking for help with - while maintaining employee confidentiality